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So you have completed your Bachelor in ICT field or are in your final year and the only question that lurks in your mind is- “What next?”

Remember the time when you used to wake up for classes or study whole night for the exam in the next morning or even used to bunk classes to go and watch movies. They will remain safe in your memories but it’s now a phase to enter the real world.

Applying for a job for the first time is scary. You may have thought of joining some company but the number of your competitors are increasing day by day. This is not only faced by you but most of us reading this right now.

Fear not, we have a platform for you from which you can get exposure to the real world. Come join the Career Fair event with your CV, meet with employers in an informal setting and learn more about job and internship opportunities offered by different ICT companies where you might like to work. It is open to companies and students of ICT field.

Get the opportunity to find work in your field of interest. Companies will come with several different positions like Frontend development, Backend development, Mobile application development, Machine Learning, Networking administrator, DevOps, Q/A, content writer, digital marketing and many more.

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