FIFA 18 Gaming Tournament

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Fifa 18 is here!! Love yourself some FIFA action? Think you’re the best at the game?

Then at IT MEET 2018, we give you a chance to shine. Join the nations elite FIFA players as they compete in a FIFA ps4/Xbox Tournament. It is not just about the prize money. It about the legacy that you leave behind. Show the world that your passion for gaming is more than a hobby. Come out on top dominating your opponents!

Register yourself today!!

Event Description
FIFA is an entertainment purpose event where visitors can participate in head to head knockout
FIFA competition with other visitors. The version of FIFA to be played is FIFA 18, and it will be
played on a console(XBOX or PS4). 1v1 FIFA games will take place about 6 mins each half where the
players can choose any team they like. As the knockout round progresses and there will be
fewer and fewer players, the player to win the final will be awarded the first prize and the
runner-up with the second prize

Entry Fee for FIFA:
Each participant has to give Rs. 250 for registration.

Cash Prize:
1st -Rs 15000
2nd – Rs 8000

For more information, contact:

Pratyush Pradhan – 9818460008
Ashesh Shilpakar – 9841271784
Ruben Kakshapati – 9841108138
Sulav Shrestha – 9841458873