Datathon and Localization





Datathon and Localization


A dedicated team of about 20 to 30 people gathers and localizes the open source software of UNIX/Linux systems to the Nepali Language. Some examples of such software include Ubuntu, Wikipedia, and VLC etc.

Localization is the process whereby software, websites, multimedia presentations, documents, or any objects are not only translated but also adapted to another culture.
The idea behind the Datathon is simple: educators and students around the world contribute to Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects in an academic setting.
There will be a presentation from the sponsors, experts and then the competition will commence.

Benefits for attendees:
• Entry to the world of Open Source.
• Experience Localization and Datathon concept through which attendees can be the voice of an organization, ensure worldwide project launches, and expand market share.
• The scope of Localization and Wikipedia Education in Nepal is soaring as advancement in technology. It may provide attendees with the niche for successful future.
Winners can get Cash prize and Gift Hampers benefits

Datathon will be conducted on Wikidata. For more information

Localization will be conducted on VLC Media Player

For both competitions:-
1st: 2K
2nd: 1K
3rd: 500

* Bring your own laptops

Registration at:


For more information regarding this event, please contact:

Subash Basnet – 9843229654

Roshan Gautam – 9841417960