Photography Contest

What Inspires you as a photographer?

-“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.”

If you have an interest in photography, or if it is just a hobby for you, then showcase your photos for others to see and admire. This is a platform to promote your photography skills. Register today, and get a chance to win exciting prizes.

Participants submit their photos related to any theme which are printed and put on display. Visitors will vote on the best photo and a prize will be given to the photographer. This event will highlight the status of Information Technology in Nepal in a truly artistic manner.

Entry Fee: 75 per photo

Maximum 3 photos can be submitted!

Please submit your photos at :

For more information regarding this event, please contact:

Ankit Acharya – 9860240417

Suraj Duwal – 9860200670

Niraj Lamichhane -9861397161



1st – Khim Bahadur Chhetri

| शुभ बिहानी |
सुर्य उदाउदै थियो, चराहरु उडिरहेका थिए मेरो पालो क्यामेरा झिकेर सिकार गरीहाले, हाहा, चरा को होईन नि
हजुर त्यो क्षण को ।



2nd –  Prithvi Khadka

Every one sees your light but no one feels you burn.



3rd – Vaskar Singh Maharjan

There is no rule for forbidden hate and warm welcome for love in Manang.