Python Meetup

Meet other local programming language enthusiasts! Ask your questions about any aspect of Python developments, including “how do I start learning Python?”

This is an event where you will be meeting and interacting with python developers. There will be a talk about Artificial Intelligence and the role of the python community and various other related topics as well.

Guest Speakers:
Ashok Pant (
on Machine Learning and It’s Applications)
Sr. Machine Learning Software Engineer
Innovisto Analytics Pvt. Ltd.
Kathmandu, Nepal

Mr. Kshitiz Rimal (on AI education and role of the community)
Intel AI Student Ambassador,
Lead Instructor at Developers Sessions
Kathmandu, Nepal

Venue: IT PARK, Kavre
Date: Jan 6, 2018 

Starts at 10:30 am.

For more information regarding this event, please contact:
Subash Sapkota – 9860464577