Yomari Code Camp

Do you have a revolutionary idea that can solve real life problems? Unleash your potential and transform your ideas into practical solutions under the guidance of expert mentors from LIS Nepal to win exciting prizes! Participating teams are required to create useful applications using any platform within a short time frame and justify their efforts to win the competition. Exhibit your skills and get exposure in Yomari Code Camp.

Entry Fee: Free


Date : January 5th and 6th, 2018(During the Main Event)

Start Time : 9 A:M

Venue: IT Park, Kavre.

Eligibility criteria:  Must be +2 or University level student

A team can have a minimum of 2 and maximum of 3 members.

1st Prize : Rs. 12,000/-
2nd Prize : Rs. 7,000/-
3rd Prize : Rs. 4,000/-
Best Idea : Rs. 1000/-
Best Presentation : Rs. 1000/-

Not only these, winners will be eligible to give interview for internship at LIS Nepal, without giving written exam.

Register at:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/16oCuOU19t1gJzOtnf0LYkCi_yi7zIppmBN-QQGvOWNY

Confirmation Link: http://bit.ly/2qpmqRZ

Also, Please note the following points:

1. Each participant is required to bring his/her college identity card.
2. Each participant is required to submit their CV as a part of their participation.
3. Each team should pitch their ideas to our jury team before beginning the code. (No presentation slide required)
3. For those who are reaching the venue with the transportation facility provided by KU, here is the detail of the bus schedule:
Link: http://itmeet.ku.edu.np/schedule/

Final List of Selected Students:

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We thank all the teams that applied for the event and encourage you to try next time.


You can create applications in one of the following domains.


Develop solutions such that farmers and people in agriculture business can better face the challenges existing in the field of Agriculture. Your aim is to use technology and innovation to address some of today’s pressing problems in agriculture such as lack of proper flow of updated product information, communication and many more

Child Welfare

For children,technology can provide great benefits,especially when it is designed specifically to address their unique needs. Ideas can range from helping infants and foster youths to enhancing platforms for young generation for better education and opportunities.



This theme highlights on any application that predicts, analyze, aware and alert in any way to reduce and prevent crime in our society. Ideas for applications can range from sending notifications at the time of crisis to analyzing the data about which part involves more crime.

Developers Tool

Developers tool is any software that assists developers while creating any projects . Visual programming tools, GUI builders, application generators, libraries, chrome extensions, form builders, etc can act as examples.



Digital Assistant for Enterprises

A digital assistant (chatbot) to automate mundane tasks for enterprises. Including but not limiting to responding queries about the company and company policy, intelligently sending/routing emails, mediating meeting and events among others.

Pattern analysis and Data Visualization

Knowledge discovery is the process of analyzing data from different perspectives and summarizing the results into information that can be used in relationship identification. The applications can be as diverse as an OLAP analysis, Dashboards, Interesting data visualization, cluster analysis or any other data warehousing, data mining, or reporting concepts.


Tourism and Hospitality

Create fresh, innovative, and feasible digital solutions that will help promote Nepal, its nature and tourist spot. The products developed should be able contribute in the growth of tourism and also help make the life of tourists visiting Nepal much easier.



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