IT Meet 2018 Pre-Events 2nd episode Completed



December 13, 2017

The 2nd episode of the pre-events of IT MEET 2018 was successfully completed today here at Kathmandu University. A talk event organized at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (D0CSE), block 9 marked the 2nd event in the series of pre-events for IT MEET 2018. The talk program entitled “VERISK ON CLOUD – Leveraging Cloud in the field of IoT and Telematics” was hosted by three guest speakers from Verisk Nepal.

The 1-hour talk session was attended by around 75 students of Department of Computer Science and Engineering. The main focus of the talk program was to give an introduction to Cloud Computing, its working mechanisms and its current status in the world and also in Nepal. The following topics were covered in the session:

  • Data Centers
  • Virtualization
  • Cloud Computing
  • Service Models of Cloud Services
  • Versik Cloud Infrastructure
  • IoT using cloud computing

There was an enthusiastic participation from the students in the talks session. Students were able to learn many new aspects of cloud computing from the experts at Verisk Nepal. “We saw very active involvement from the students. They interacted with the speakers and were very interested in the talk session” says Yudeep Rajbhandari, pre-event coordinator for IT MEET 2018.

IT MEET 2018 will be held at IT Park, Kavre on 5th and 6th of January,2018.